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At the initiative of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, on November 29th 2003, more than 30 artists gathered at Green Point Stadium (Cape Town, South Africa) for more than 4 hours of concert to raise founds against AIDS. Among these artists can be found Queen, The Corrs, Eurythmics, Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens), Johnny Clegg, Bono and The Edge...

For this event, Queen were : Brian May (vocals, guitars), Roger Taylor (vocals, drums) Neil Murray (bass), Spike Edney (keyboards, vocals), Jamie Mosses (guitars, vocals), Eric Singer (drums). Note also the presence of Brian May and Roger Taylor backstage as artistic and musical directors with Dave Stewart. Shortly after release a 2 DVDs and 3 CDs set.

DVD United Kingdom : Cat. WMV 2564-61475-2

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CD United Kingdom : Cat. PROP05337
Including "Say It's Not True" live ft. Dave Stewart.
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CD single United Kingdom : Cat. 9867617
"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" of ZUCCHERO. Including a live version (audio and video) ft. Queen and Sharon Corr from the 46664 concert.
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CD United Kingdom : Cat. promo
CD part 1 "African Prayer".
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CD United Kingdom : Cat. promo
CD part 2 "Long Walk to Freedom".
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CD United Kingdom : Cat. promo
CD part 3 "Amamdla".
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note : There is a mistake on title on back sleeve.

CD United Kingdom : Cat. promo
Slipcase promo including 3 CD.
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