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The Lot
Info :
sortie : 11 novembre 2013
Origine : Europe
cote : F

Commentaire :
Coffret retraçant la carrière de Roger Taylor en solo et comprenant :

Fun In Space
Strange Frontier
Electric Fire
Fun on Earth + 2 morceaux bonus :
Dear Mr Murdoch (Nude Mix)
Whole House Rockin'

Shove It (The Cross)
Mad Bad & Dangerous to Know (The Cross)
Blue Rock (The Cross)

Roger Taylor Solo Singles 1 :
I Wanna Testify
Turn On The Tv
My Country (Single Version)
Man On Fire (Extended Version)
I Cry For You (Single Remix)
Strange Frontier (Extended Remix)
I Cry For You (Extended Remix)
Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)
Nazis 1994 Radio Mix
Nazis 1994 Kick Mix
Nazis 1994 Schindlers Mix Extended
Nazis 1994 Makita Mix Extended
Nazis 1994 Big Science Mix
Foreign Sand - (With Yoshiki) (Single Version)
Final Destination (With Yoshiki)
Everybody Hurts Sometimes – Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1994
Old Friends - Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1994

Roger Taylor Solo Singles 2 :
Pressure On (Single Version)
People On Streets (Mashed)
Tonight - (Dub Sangria)
Keep A Knockin' - (Man Utd CD Single)
Surrender (Radio Mix)
A Nation Of Haircuts - (Club Cut)
London Town C'mon Down - (Single Mix)
Surrender - (Live At Cyber Barn)
No More Fun – (Live At Cyber Barn)
Tonight - (Live At Cyber Barn)
One Night Stand
Woman You're So Beautiful - Felix + Arty (Main Mix)
Woman You're So Beautiful - Felix + Arty (Mad Mix)
Woman You're So Beautiful - Felix + Arty - (Dancehall Mix)
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - Single Version
The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) - Almost Completely Nude Mix
Dear Mr Murdoch - 2011

The Cross Singles 1 :
Cowboys & Indians (7" Single Edit)
Love Lies Bleeding – Single Remix (She's A Wicked Wily Waitress)
Feel The Force
Shove It - (Extended Mix)
Shove It - (Metropolix)
Shove It - (Denniz Pop Remix)
Heaven For Everyone 7" ( Roger Taylor Vocal)
Heaven For Everyone 7" ( Freddie Mercury Vocal)
Manipulator (Extended)
Manipulator (Single Version)
Power To Love - (Extended Version)
Power To Love (Single Version)
In Charge Of My Heart (Single Version)
Liar - (Extended Remix)
In Charge Of My Heart (Extended Version)
Liar (Single Remix)

The Cross Singles 2 :
New Dark Ages (Single Version)
Ain't Put Nothing Down - (Long Version)
Man On Fire (Live)
Life Changes (Single Version)
Celebration – Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)
I Can Take You Higher - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)
Out Of My Head - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)
Passion For Trash - Jam Studios Session (Previously Unreleased)
Top Of The World Ma' - Extended Remix (Previously Unreleased)
Shove It – Us Single Version

The Lot DVD :
Strange Frontier
Man On Fire
Foreign Sand
Surrender Nazis 1994
The Unbliking Eye (Everything is Broken)
Dear Mr Murdoch
Old Friends - gosport festival 1994
Man On Fire - Truro City Hall 1994
Happiness - Truro City Hall 1994
Everybody Hurts Sometimes - Truro City Hall 1994
Cowboys and Indians
Cowboys and Indians - 2 drummers
Shove It
Heaven For Everyone
Power To Love
New Dark Ages
Blue Rock
Happinees - epk
Electric Fire - epk
Interview For Parlophone

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